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Immigration & Naturalization Law Firm


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Federal District Court Litigation

We can litigate petitions for mandamus (forcing an immigration agency to act), petitions for habeas corpus (seeking release from immigration detention), APA complaints (correcting immigration agency delay or error), de novo citizenship review (seeking review of denial of citizenship application) and other federal immigration cases.


Whether you entered the U.S. lawfully and are not in removal proceedings or you are presently facing possible deportation and fear returning to your home country, we can advise and assist in preparing and representing you in your asylum process, including assisting with evidence, country of origin information and articles, and preparing you for your interview or hearing.

U-Visas and T-Visas

We can assist with applications for visas for victims of certain qualifying crimes and human trafficking.


The way criminal convictions affect immigration status and potential defenses to deportation is a highly complex and fast-changing area of immigration law. It is also one of our favorite areas of immigration law. We strive to provide well-researched advice and creative strategies for defending against or possibly avoiding potential immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Ms. Gracia has successfully obtained termination, reopening, and/or relief in cases involving criminal convictions before the immigration court and on appeal.  

Family Immigration

We can assist with family-based visa petitions and green card applications for family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs). We can also assist with self-petitions for certain victims of domestic violence. Additionally, we can help with petitions to remove conditions on permanent residence and green card renewals.






At our firm, we strive to be a beacon of hope for those seeking a means to reunite with family, seek refuge, and build a life in the United States. We deliver highly skilled, effective, and innovative immigration representation for our clients in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We take our time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs.


Amber Gracia earned her J.D. from South Texas College of Law in 2015. It was there, while participating in the Asylum and Human Trafficking Clinic, that she fell in love with immigration law. While in law school, she was awarded the Dickerson Moore Humanitarian Award for her dedication in successfully obtaining withholding of removal for her clinic client. Ms. Gracia has been practicing immigration law ever since.

While she practices various aspects of immigration, Ms. Gracia has a passion for appellate and federal district court litigation. Ms. Gracia has represented clients before immigration courts through the country, as well as before the Board of Immigration Appeals, multiple circuit courts of appeals, and federal district court. She has argued before the 10th and 5th Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Ms. Gracia is particularly interested in asylum law and the intersection of immigration law and criminal offenses that may trigger immigration consequences (crimmigration). In October of 2018, she drafted an article on changes in the application of U.S. asylum law that was published in Texas Lawyer. 

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